About The

          Mighty Mighty 
                   Drive-In  Hangout

The Mighty Mighty Drive-In Hangout Comedy Showcase is a one-of-a-kind experience with top-notch performers personally chosen by Frosty Nugs and Soul! Sausage Presents. Featured artists come from all around the world, and we are currently based in downtown Oakland, CA right in the heart of the city. Sign up for the mailing list and stay tuned in for schedules, get show tickets, merchandise, and see highlights from past shows. Hope to see you all at the next Mighty Mighty Drive-In Hangout.  Live, love, laugh!!

Frosty Nugs


Producer, Founder, and Host


Producer and Host

Glass of Milk

Producer and Host

*Please note that showtime is 7pm for all shows unless stated otherwise.  Please arrive no later than 7:20pm. Out of respect for the artists and fans alike, you will be turned away if late, so come early and enjoy the DJ and sunset!
Due to the nature of the event, the exact show location is subject to change, and will be given to you again upon ticket purchase. There is no age restriction at this time, however please be advised that some of the performances and content may contain explicit language and subject matters recommended for audiences over 18 years of age. In other words, corrupt your children at your own risk!  

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